City Manager


City Manager, Cedric Davis Sr. joined the City of Mathis administrative team on January 03, 2024. Davis has served in a public servant role for more than three decades. Cedric had recently retired after serving four years as City Manager of Marlin, Texas. He is a proud Christian father of 5 adult children and 1 minor child. His background is in Municipal Administration, Public Policy, Criminal Justice, and Law Enforcement Management. This Desert Storm Veteran is a former Chief of Police (Ret.), a former Public Educator, he has proudly assisted fifty-two students in getting into institutions of higher learning. 

Davis is a graduate of (LEMIT) Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas, and the Advanced Military Academy of Texas. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice Administration from Sam Houston State University, he completed his Certified Public Management studies from (ICPM) Institute of Certified Professional Managers @ James Madison University - College of Business. Davis attended Graduate Studies in Master of Public Administration @ Tarleton State University. He is a licensed Master Peace Officer, Police Instructor, Investigator, certified public educator, and former business owner. 

Davis is a strong public figure, he historically served as the First African American Mayor of Dallas County suburb - Balch Springs, Texas. In 2018 he again made history by becoming the First African American Political Candidate of any Texas political party to finish within the top three primary finishers for Texas Governor, he recently made a valiant run to represent Texans of House District 13. He is a previous member of the Falls Co. Boys & Girls Club Board of Directors, American Legion Post 31, International City/Counties Managers Assoc., and International Assoc. of Police Chiefs. This fellow (32*) thirty-two degree Masonic/Shriner was a member of the 2011 North Texas Super Bowl Committee, he enjoys family time, sports, great food, great intellectual conversations, community activism, and public policy activities. 

Davis believes in giving his all to unite people together for the common good of society, he has been instrumental in the turning around small quiet and sleepy towns into towns poised for economic opportunities, new and revitalized amenities. Davis said “I am always willing to accept challenges, and is proud to be serving the citizens of the City of Mathis.”

About the City Manager

The city manager is the chief administrative and executive officer of the city and is responsible to the City Council for the proper administration of all city affairs. He is responsible for making recommendations concerning policies and programs to the City Council. Implementing policy decisions made by the council. Preparing and submitting to the council an annual budget and responsible for its administration after adoption. Advising the council of the financial condition and future needs of the city.

Role and Responsibilities

The city manager's role is to implement the council's vision. Additionally, before the council formulates the vision it is important for the city manager to put forth a variety of options representing the needs of the community, so that the council can discuss, agree upon, and provide direction on their vision. Once the vision and direction has been established, the mayor and council continue to serve the community by periodically tweaking the vision, while the manager works with the city's employees to carry out the council's plans.

The City Manager is entrusted with the spending the public's money as wisely as possible and to use it to work for the greater good of the community.