Brush & Bulk Collection

Republic Services will only pick up brush and bulky debris. Brush and bulky debris need to be separated when set out for removal. These items must be placed at curbside by 7 am on the day of the scheduled pick up by quadrant. Disposal bags filled with leaves need to be placed into the trash cart. If the disposal bags are set on the side or on top of the trash cart, they will not be picked up.

Bulky debris items can consist of mattresses, sofas, furniture, stoves, refrigerators, sinks, and toilets. NO CONSTRUCTION MATERIAL is allowed. Items will only be picked up and removed once a month, according to your quadrant.

All brush and bulky debris items must be on your property near the curb in front of your home and away from power lines, telephone poles, meters, vehicles,fences, and from under trees. If you have an exception call City Hall at 361-547-3343. 

To inquire which quadrant you reside in, please call City Hall at 361-547-3343 or Public Works at 361-547-5951.